Thursday, February 21, 2013

Summer Opportunities

One of the greatest opportunities for Spiritual Growth in a students life is Summer Camp. It has been said that 1 week of summer camp is worth up to 3 years of Sunday morning teaching. Summer after summer we have seen students surrender their lives to Christ, ministry and various other types of Kingdom service. 
This summer our students will travel to Wheaton College July 15-19 for Student Life's Mission Camp experience ( where our students will participate in corporate worship services with 2500+ students from all across the mid-west as well as participating in Mission projects across the city of Chicago.  It is sure to be a great time of Spiritual Growth. 

It is with that Spiritual Growth in mind that I would like to bring your attention to another opportunity for your student(s) this summer. Kerry and Tami White have been working very hard behind the scenes (and have been very patient with me) with an organization known as Worldview Academy ( Our Associate Pastor and current Interim Pastor Ed Kuriscak has a great history with Worldview and has taken several of our former students of Edgewood to their summer camps. Worldview Academy's mission statement is as follows; Worldview Academy is a non-denominational organization dedicated to helping Christians to think and to live in accord with a biblical worldview so that they will serve Christ and lead the culture.

Worldview Academy hosts several camps throughout the summer months and they will be hosting a camp near us June 9th-14th in Minnesota at Northwestern College in St. Paul. The White's son Austin will be attending and we want to make the camp available to you as well. This camp provides an excellent opportunity for students to grow and take their faith further. This camp is available for 9-12 grade students however space is limited and on a first come first served basis. If you are at all interested please contact Kerry or Tammy White immediately so that you can get all of the information you need to make an educated decision.

I also want you to know that we are committed to you and your student(s) and if your student is unable to attend Worldview Academy this year that next year(2014) we will be taking all of our students to Worldview Academy as our Summer Camp so that every student will have the opportunity to experience Worldview Academy.  

We are here for you and your student(s) and we look forward to having the opportunity to partner with you to equip you and your family to reach your full potential in Christ. 

For additional information please email or ASAP.

-Pastor Jeff  

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