Wednesday, April 3, 2013

30 Hour Famine

This weekend April 5th and 6th our students will be participating in World Visions 30 Hour Famine. I want to give you as much information in as little space as possible so pay attention :)

We are asking students to meet for breakfast with other students from their area.
Davenport students will meet for breakfast at Village Inn (5925 North Brady Street Davenport, IA) at 6:45am.
Moline/Rock Island/East Moline students will meet at Village Inn (2122 53rd Street Moline, IL 61265) at 6:45am.
Sherrard/Orion students will eat at home and pretend that you are at Village Inn OR come join us in Moline. (sorry)

Students will begin their fast at their lunch period. There is a sticker for students to wear and a informational booklet in their fundraising envelope with facts about world hunger that students can share with those around them that have questions as to why they are fasting.

Friday April 5th Schedule
6:30 pm -Meet at Edgewood/check in.
7pm -World Hunger Prayer Walk
8pm -Juice/Water Break*
8:30pm -Video/Discussion on World Hunger
9pm -Candlelight Vigil/Famine Cam
9:30pm -Dismiss Ladies for the night**

Saturday April 6th
8:30am -Arrive King's Harvest Ministries -King's Harvest Ministries 824 West 3rd Street Davenport, Iowa. Phone number: 563-570-4536
11:30am -arrive back at Edgewood -TRIBE Activity (receive new identity)/Meet and Greet
12pm -Activity (Water Walk) 
12:45pm -Juice/Water Break
1:15pm -Finger Print Banner 
1:30pm -Activity (Camp Football)
2:30 -Juice/Water Break
3pm -Activity (Scavenger Scramble)
3:30pm -Juice/Water Break 
4pm -Activity (Market Mayhem) 
5pm -Church 
6:15 -Communion/End Fast.***

*Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles. We will provide bottled water as well as juice. Students can decide what type of fast they are doing i.e. water only or water + juice. 

**Students will need sleeping bags and pillows and shower necessities. Ladies will be spending the night at the home of Marty and Sheila Mills and Guys will be staying at Edgewood. 

***We will end our fast in the Ignite Room with Potato & Ham soup and sandwiches with fruit. 

Please email me with any questions you may have

-Pastor Jeff 

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  1. Glad you guys are doing this, Pastor Jeff!

    Pastor Brian